The Ugandan LGBTIQQ Community has always decried any form of sexual predation, as well as blackmail and extortion.
But, this has been a whispered and half hearted initiative because it is said some in the LGBTIQQ leadership seem to benefit. 

How? We are yet to know. 

But, this we know. There are three individuals in Uganda known for being perpetual predators. They even brag about it. One is known to brag about the size of his penis; the second is known to splash money around as a lure; the third who is also known to have fancy houses and cars lures his catch by promising "lodging until the person can find their footing." This person promises a paradise too and ends up just using his catches. After which he tells all and sundry how he has made the 200th,300th,400th... catch. 

Those of us in the counselling field are saddled with providing trauma counseling and the cycle continues without any leaders denouncing these people who are known to them.

Most-at-Risk-Populations' Society ( MARPS in Uganda) has come out to call on all LGBTIQQ to join hands in denouncing a sexual predation, blackmail and extortion. Please feel free to use the  #SaynotosexualpredatorsNovember.

The 31st October 2017 and the topic of the day is:

What would make homosexuality a really disgusting aspect of life? Or is it? 

48 of us were grappling a question that triggered so many other questions and a likelihood of taking sides. You know the good or bad side. The holy and sinful side. The blamed and blameless side. 

We formed a Whatsapp self help talk and discussion support group of members who wanted to understand sexuality, orientation, gender, identity and health in a language that was outside too much science. Outside values. We wanted to use our own lived examples, word of mouth (anecdotal) and as participatory as possible.Moderators among us would probe for further information or supply cues which helped prolong the conversations. To-date, we have tackled over 300 themes or questions.

Sexuality is biological, social, cultural and ideological in formation. Biological, social, cultural and ideological processes one goes through impact on sexuality.

In our discussions it came out clearly that social changes were required for many to lead fulfilling lives. The inequalities abounding for those who are not heterosexual/heterogender conforming can be understood even better when social determinants are addressed. The innovations to pursue can be as follows:

Increasing the participation  of LGBTIQQ in spaces where they can express themselves on a number of issues helps in collecting ideas from community-based levels. The idea of grassroots being involved or contributing to self-determination dialogues as a strategy of popular epidemiology. Popular epidemiology has enabled us collect input by many to define and refine self determination. 

This production of new knowledge challenges the stereotypes and makes experts out of marginalized community members. Heterosexuality and patriarchy tend to have as their objectives  a systematic disempowerment discipline and practice rooted in moralizing concepts depicting same sex gender as immoral and despicable. The trend is to dwell on sexualizing same sex/gender lifestyle, make claims of people confessing same sex/gender sexuality as victims of everything that is wrong from biology, ideology, adjustment and personality. Criminalize and denounce it by all means including suppressing any knowledge development that highlights anything other than heterosexual normativity. This removes any form of alternative voice. 

Allowing same sex/gender loving (homosexuality) people associate in their spaces, provides a willingness and intelligence that animates homosexuality. A larger body of contributors are freed and they contribute to self determination in an accessible and accountable way.

As far as the question: What would make homosexuality a really disgusting aspect of life? Or is it? It is this accountability that questioned sexual predation, unprotected sexual intercourse and expanded discussions to go beyond sexual intercourse. Some members gave testimonies of highly respected LGBTIQQ in Ugandan communities who contributed immensely to their families and communities. Others pointed out the dangers of unprotected sexual intercourse. Within this space information would be shared back and forth. For instance, an announcement of a political talk show at a popular venue was announced and some members expressed delight as well as looked forward to attending it.  An important question was raised by one of the members which continued the flow of the conversation toward the issue of victimizing those who refuse sexual advances by LGBTIQQ in leadership positions. It was for this point that #SaynotosexualpredatorsNovember was launched.


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