Kampala Uganda: An Exclusive Interview By A Ugandan Gay Man Said To be Healed Of The Evil Spirit of "Gayism" or "Lesbianism" By Pastor Kakande

We tried our level best to trace three personalities who had sought religious healing at two Pentecostal Churches in Kampala Capital City Authority Suburbs. We only caught up with one who is among the people who were "healed" by Pastor Kakande Samuel of The Kakande Ministries. We asked the person ( whom we shall keep anonymous) about what he was healed against.

Some Pentecostal Churches heal homosexuality by touching, naming and shaming. This is Pastor Samuel Kakande's modus operandi too. 

We had a very short interview with one of the healed subjects.

KGN: Mickey ( not real names) of the former London boys, what were you delivered or healed from by Pastor Kakande?

Mickey: I went to Pastor Kakande to be healed of homosexuality.

KGN: I used the term London Boys. Was this your code name? I heard it from Pastor Samuel Kakande and two other boys who were former London Boys.

Mickey: Yes, we named ourselves London Boys because it made us unique and we felt motivated calling ourselves London Boys. It was exotic and it made us long to go to London one day.

KGN: So, in a way this name was your club vision. Did it motivate others to join your club?

Mickey: Yes it did.

KGN: Normally clubs or groups have missions that address immediate needs such as pulling resources to construct houses for each other or acting as a collateral to access credit for investing in a collective income generating activity. What was your immediate mission?

Mickey: To act as a support club for gay boys. Our organization's registered name is: Children of The Sun.

KGN: There are two ex-London Boys who claimed that you and one other person were also recruiting for  another person who in turn introduced them to Gay porn Industry.

Mickey: We looked for any means to survive.

KGN: Are you aware of some who contracted STI's and HIV?

Mickey: Yes. I realized our mistake and now work to increase HIV Prevention among LGBTIQQ.

KGN: Did you also at one time escape to Kenya as a refugee?

Mickey: Yes, a group of us went to Kenya but found life there so hard and we returned to Uganda.

KGN: My thinking is that one seeks asylum after having evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that they are being persecuted for their beliefs and stand. Does that mean that you actually never had any reason to leave Uganda? Don't you think that also affects other Ugandan LGBTIQQ refugees?

Mickey: We all face experiences individually. I am sure it is a case by case story. Individual merit. Personally, I weighed my experiences in Kenya and those in Uganda. I realised I could not stay in Kenya any longer.

KGN: In the Pastor Kakande Ministry video, you are seen giving testimony while you are all smiles. Was it because you had finally renounced homosexuality?

Mickey: Yes, I renounced homosexuality and in subsequent days brought in many others with whom we had practiced it. We renounced homosexuality and in our group there were lesbians too.

KGN: Were you gay?

Mickey: Yes, I was gay and was crowned Mr. Top 2016 at Ram Bar at an event organized by Happy Family Youth Uganda.

KGN: So, you are healed of homosexuality as we speak now?

Mickey: I am no longer a homosexual man. But, I still have gay friends although many abandoned me when I renounced homosexuality. But, that does not bother me. It is my life.

KGN: Tell me about yourself. Who you are and your own work among gay people in Uganda? How do you separate your private from the public life? How do you plan to conduct yourself in a manner that does not bring trouble to your friends who may still be gay now that you are not? Are you aware "outing" others without their consent is traumatic to them? It can even cause death?

Mickey: I am not anti-homosexuality as people label me. I made a personal decision to renounce homosexuality as an individual. It is my personal journey. It began in February 2017 when a lesbian friend told me about the healing crusades at Pastor Kakande Ministry. I was convinced it was all to be off-camera. We were given so many days of processing which included how to reply whenever the Pastor Kakande talked directly to us. We were supposed to reply: " man of God, I know so and so you speak of..I confess that we are known to each other and that we were practicing the evil habit of gayism" whenever the Pastor called names or places out loudly which surprised me! We stayed a while as we continued healing and left after sometime. I asked the Pastor to help me start an income generating activity so he gave me money with which I rented a house and started a business. It was after a week or so that the video about my testimony surfaced and all hell broke loose. I wanted the ground to swallow me alive. I felt betrayed by the Pastor. He promised there would be no camera. I never knew there were hidden cameras in the Synagogue or offices! I still feel bad. I was confronted by many in the LGBTIQQ Community and called all sorts of names. I am now a pariah. They also say I am part of the insecurity in the community. The community members misinterpreted it, especially the leaders. The good thing I still have many friends among the LGBTIQQ Community. I even wrote an apology letter to the security committee but they never replied back. I am helping the LGBTIQQ who are badly off and am teaching them to engage in income generating activities. However, the executive directors of big organizations are fighting me and my organization. Good enough I am not fighting back. I just follow my work plan, lobby and give services to members. My organization mission is to help accommodate evicted and disowned LGBTIQQ on top of fighting HIV.

KGN: Do you have pictures of your income generating activities we can share with our viewers or readers to prove you actually work as a team?

Mickey: Yes.

KGN: Please share them with me so that I attach them here. Thank you for giving us this time.

Mickey: You are welcome. I hope through this interview I have clarified my position so well. Thank you for providing this opportunity.

For those interested in watching videos that give a clearer picture into how Pastor Kakande heals homosexuality watch:

1. Pastor Kakande heals a lesbian

Children of The Sun Leader: Henry Mukiibi
Children of The Sun Income Generating Activity (IGA)

Children of The Sun Group members organizing display

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