What we mean when we say END TO HIV; communicating appropriately. Is Africa willing to go the entire 40 yards?

1. Prevention & Control Infrastructure needed for providing services
2.Community Mobilization and Organization
3. Testing to know one’s status
4. Attending clinic for individual assessment
5. Checking for or treating opportunistic infections
6. Checking for other viral infections
7. Pap smears
8. Screening for cancer ( breast, anal, oral, lung, prostate….)
9. Support to quit smoking
10. Health education
11. Provision of Information, education and Communication materials
12. Access to safe motherhood services
13. Access to Mother and Child Health Services
14. Diabetes screening
15. STIs screening
16. UTI screening
17. Anal screening
18. Pregnancy testing
19. Treatment for STIs/UTIs
21. Mammograms
22. High blood screening
23. Mental health care
24. Referral services
25. Tetanus vaccination
26. Thyroid screening
27. Anaemia testing
28. Modernizing Criminalization laws
29. Engaging in bursting stigma
30. Engaging in bursting discrimination
31. Acknowledging and recognizing what works
32. Trickle down services to individual recipient
33. Trained health care provider
34. SRH-specific needs
35. Family planning needs
36. Gender-specific planning needs
37. Traditional public health
38. social interventions
39. Biomedical approaches to HIV and integration of services with broader health systems
40. Zero HIV-related deaths; zero-stigma; zero discrimination


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