Transgender Rights are an issue that need to be addressed with no break in between

Transgender Rights are an issue that need to be addressed with no break in between. One of the issues I am interested in is the link between Intimate Partner Violence and Transgender Health. The issues to explore can be around:

1. Partner Trust building and growth. Are the two partner open about how the relationship should go? Is one of the partner still hiding or not sure about the other? Do both partners know what is needed to go into the relationship?

2. Transgender Partner Violence can stem from disclosures and gender expansive differentials. When the roles both couples play are not compatible to their sex-life, work-life, recreation-life and spiritual-life this may need a conversation. But do the partners even know what they need to say to each other? Do partners know the need to communicate issues that do not cause friction? Are the partners ready to work to earn money? Because, money is important for relationships to be sustainable. It takes money to pay rent, dues, goods and services. These in turn help humans grow and develop. They are motivators to fulfilled lives. When they miss out, insecurities crop in. When insecurities crop in, then there are trust issues. No intimacy exists when trust has been kicked out of a relationship. No cooperation can exist without trust or coordination and communication.

3. How have both partners secured themselves against the nosy community? The community that does not approve of same-sex relations. The community where one buys groceries, where one rents or where one goes to a religious event. How have they planned to survive outside the families they grew up with and the friends they have made over time who may not approve of same gender/sex relations? How is this contributing to individual trauma? Do the couples or partners seek counselling? Do they even know there are services that exist?

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Conclusion: When we are dealing with IPV let us not deal with it in isolation. Let us explore all the issues that are listed in textbooks as well as home/domestic grown ones.


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