Kampala Uganda: To All Our Dead: May God Grant Them Eternal Peace and Welcome!


In the past three weeks, Kampala Gay News has learnt of 5 deaths as follows: one was of Male-to-Female Transgender who prefered to be addressed as a She//her/them/they. She was 26 years; two Gay boys lost a mother; one Transgender Male-to-Female lost a grandmother and a sister; and a Gay male lost a brother.

We use this space to acknowledge that a loss such as death of a loved one is painful and weighs heavily on one's mind. Moments like these make us question our purpose in life, they find us not ready for a loss. But, it is advisable to build spaces within which one is able to reveal this pain. It is incumbent upon the ones told to process the one grieving (griever) to adapt to the grieving cycles and eventual strength finding. 

When the griever is able to get to the point of finding strength, then healing is possible and restorative integration proceeds. We need to get back to a minimal regular engagement in activities and eventually one's full capacities are restored. We encourage members to keep dates for anniversaries or prayer events.

++For the one who was Male-to-Female Transgender who prefered to be addressed as a She//her/them/they and was 26 years, may your soul be received in heaven.

++For the two Gay boys who lost a mother, may you find strength and may her soul rest in peace.

++For the one Transgender Male-to-Female who lost a grandmother and a sister, may you be consoled and may the souls of the departed find eternal rest.

++ For the Gay male who lost a brother, may you find energy to do the work your brother left since you were both business partners. May your brother's soul rest in peace.


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