Kampala Uganda: A page from the diary of an LGBTIQQ-friendly medical doctor in Uganda

15th August 2017

………..assign codes to frequently presented needs. Mark red for suicide; black for HIV in LGBTIQQ under 25 years and blue for HIV in those above 25 years; orange for nutrition support; pink for transport support to go to clinics; yellow for airtime for group leaders.

Ugx. for nutrition; sundries; and hard cash for 4.

The +++++ Whatsapp group has three members who inboxed for lubricant; four wanted us to meet physically for a drink. Ensure we send out rules and regulations. Our Whatsapp groups are not dating platforms. Insist on that Dr. T.

The +++++++ Whatsapp group has 5 very well prepared debaters who infuse perspective to our daily assigned topics.

Realized we should have pushed for a two track advocacy. To get back the public health Agenda in the mainstream side by side with litigation. 

02:59am........Noo! I still need to talk to "Marked red" suspicion of voluntary overdose. Hope they get the money for food.

6:55am.....I gotta turn in. Thank God I have cleared all who needed counselling support.

Phone Vibration X 5......Ummh! It is going to be a long day.

16th August 2017

Need that cup of tea. 

Looked in mirror am yet to grow bugs.

Phone Vibration X3......( That phone has mechanical issues, honestly)

Wait for feedback on proposal to get all group leaders together to plan a younger LGBTIQQ peer-to-peer skills to help peers living with HIV initiate ARV regimen and adherence practices. We have 15 who are known to be living with HIV but have not tested and yesterday we lost 2 Transgender

Yellow eyes? Hepatitis++? or Sickle-cell? But four cases shared same room for past year. R/O then referral. Transport to clinic too!

Send money to Kenya to 15 LGBTIQQ refugees for food and other supplies

Research on congenital diseases and their treatment by transgender persons

Today, may retire earlier, but remember to live phone on loudspeaker to be able to work while in bed. In case!

Ugx. for transport to clinic/referral; and hard cash for 6.

Leg and upper body work out…. I wish there is a way around this though

17th August 2017

Funder writes back with regret that: “we are sorry, grants are available to support urgent interventions that respond to immediate threats to MSM and the LGBT community and the HIV services that they need, and where action must happen very quickly to be effective. The review panel did not consider that the context and intervention that you described meet these criteria and therefore we are unable to offer your organization a grant for the activities that you proposed.” 

Figure out money for our organization

Skip lunch and continue providing counselling

Birthday of client…cannot spare money for their cake. Instead added it to support less fortunate LGBTIQQ

19th August 2017

Pride Uganda well funded but ground intelligence indicates no show! How do they do it? They convince funders and get this money for festivities. We fail to even get a penny for a peer-to-peer HIV training! So, is the life.

Another person passes away. HIV again.

Counselling as always

21st August 2017

Take time to read through paper obituaries and other updates
I need to buy hair shampoo, my shock shocks.

Ugx. for nutrition for 4

Counselling …………………………

12:05am Phone Vibration: "Musawo I need your help......"


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