Revisiting systemic tendencies as one way to address sexual minorities’ health: stop gapping perforations in the goal to universal access.

Muyunga Thomas, Stef Baral


Cumulative efforts providing prescriptive health services targeting sexual minorities are below critical as this inventory of seminars, sessions, space activities and their objectives from 2010-2012 to gauge influences of active social life for MSM shows.


Through convenience sampling it was possible to analyse sensitivity, competence, health vigilance through: leadership/organisation development (e.g. AGM); business/enterprise-skilling seminars; literacy/numeracy seminars; responsible citizenship seminars; community fund raising meetings; party with alcoholic drinks; solemn prayer meetings; HIV/STIs health meetings; support meetings for MSM Living with HIV (LHIV); attending court hearings; seminar on discrimination/stigma; conference on sexuality, orientation, gender and identity (to share in-depth experiences with LGBTIQQ/MSM/WSW); attending rights-based conferences and; same sex wedding. From 2010-2012, 32 social activities were organised. Mean participants were 25 and maximum was 150 participants. The following categories of events took place: party with alcoholic drinks;  solemn prayer meetings; HIV/STIs health meetings; support meetings for MSM LHIV; attending a court hearing; attending a seminar on discrimination/stigma; attending a conference on sexuality, orientation, gender and identity (SOGI); attending rights-based conferences; same sex wedding and; leadership/organisation development.


11 parties with alcoholic drinks; 3 solemn prayer meetings including burials; 2 HIV/STIs meetings; 1 support meeting for MSM LHIV; 1 court hearing attendance; 3 attendances at seminars on discrimination/stigma; 1 attendance at a SOGI-related conference; 6 attendances at a rights-based conference; 2 attendances at same sex wedding; 2 attendances at a leadership/organisation development seminar.


 An effort to see a more Integrated HIV/Health programmes increases sensitivity, competence and "health-vigilance" to improve the health-seeking practices for sexual minorities.


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