Revisiting how we plan to address sexual minorities’ health: Lessons from Uganda

Muyunga Thomas


Cumulative efforts providing prescriptive health services targeting sexual minorities are below critical as this inventory of seminars, sessions, space activities and their objectives from 2010-2012 to gauge influences of active social life for MSM shows.


Through convenience sampling it was possible to analyse sensitivity, competence, health vigilance through: leadership/organisation development (e.g. AGM); business/enterprise-skilling seminars; literacy/numeracy seminars; responsible citizenship seminars; community fund raising meetings; party with alcoholic drinks; solemn prayer meetings; HIV/STIs health meetings; support meetings for MSM Living with HIV (LHIV); attending court hearings; seminar on discrimination/stigma; conference on sexuality, orientation, gender and identity (to share in-depth experiences with LGBTIQQ/MSM/WSW); attending rights-based conferences and; same sex wedding. From 2010-2012, 32 social activities were organised. Mean participants were 25 and maximum was 150 participants. The following categories of events took place: party with alcoholic drinks;  solemn prayer meetings; HIV/STIs health meetings; support meetings for MSM LHIV; attending a court hearing; attending a seminar on discrimination/stigma; attending a conference on sexuality, orientation, gender and identity (SOGI); attending rights-based conferences; same sex wedding and; leadership/organisation development.


11 parties with alcoholic drinks; 3 solemn prayer meetings including burials; 2 HIV/STIs meetings; 1 support meeting for MSM LHIV; 1 court hearing attendance; 3 attendances at seminars on discrimination/stigma; 1 attendance at a SOGI-related conference; 6 attendances at a rights-based conference; 2 attendances at same sex wedding; 2 attendances at a leadership/organisation development seminar.


Integrating HIV/Health programmes in all programmes increases sensitivity, competence and "health-vigilance" to improve the health-seeking practices for sexual minorities.


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