Most at Risk Populations' Society-Uganda


Kampala Road Zone, Kawaala P.O. Box 25730 Kampala

                              MOST AT RISK POPULATIONS’ SOCIETY IN UGANDA

Hullo and thanks.

We at MARPS IN UGANDA are an independent organisation with social justice-led & Health objectives. We have provided capacity building for LGBTIQQ groups since 2004. Our journey has not been easy, it involved a lot of sacrifice and learning how to work toward peaceful coexistence. It is a hard exercise that takes toll. We have tried to work with other organizations such as SMUG, Icebreakers, Good Samaritan Uganda, Farug,  MARPI and Marps Network. We are a member of the Uganda National AIDS Organization and the Global Fund Coalition. As years go by objectives make organizations go their separate ways. We have finally made our own paths, are independent and registered. Our work has been in the HIV care area and so we are obliged to be as delicate and ensure confidentiality at all times. We shall pursue that even if it will take us away from the limelight.

We work with men and women using our "whole society" model. We do work around violence, abuse, discrimination and stigma predictors. We do work with established organisations that are targeting at risk populations. We are the organisation that has:

1. Documented experiences of Sex-workers, MSM, LGBTIQQ, Fisher folk, long distance truck drivers, uniformed services, Substance users and PLHIV.
2. Conducted a country-wide exploration into understanding and perceptions that fuel violence, abuse, discrimination and stigma. To that effect we have also organised the first ever network against violence, abuse, discrimination and stigma-Uganda (NAVADS-Uganda). We have also linked with actors in Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Zimbabwe to create the same model. MARPS IN UGANDA is host to NAVADS-Africa. This is our project and our dream to cover the whole of Africa.
3. Established 52 safe learning spaces in Uganda for LGBTIQQ and sex-workers
4. Contacted and established working partnerships for/with 4 PLHIV Organisations in Uganda.
5. Designed IGA proposals with fisher folk in landing sites where water bodies are dwindling and therefore are facing phasing out of fishing as an IGA.
6. Designed IEC materials for use as learning and programme materials.
7. Conducted holiday retreats for young persons.
8. Conducted in-door games' competitions in Kampala suburbs known for use Marijuana, Khat and Gin (Locally known as marijuana, mairungi and Waragi (MMW) as enhancement substances. This was to highlight alternate potentialities and opportunities to substance use.
9. Generated reports around all our experiences from 2008.
10. Realised that in working with the "whole community" specific demographics can then be teased out for programme or interventions.

Thomas Muyunga (+256773077129)

On behalf of the MARPS IN UGANDA trustees and executive board


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