Experiences of anal sex encounters among sex-work spots in selected urban settings around Kampala Capital City Authority: Lessons for introducing rectal microbicides in Uganda

Muyunga Thomas[1], Nsubuga Moses[2]

Introduction: Un protected anal sex is common in Uganda. Two organisations: MARPS IN UGANDA and JABASA conducted an appraisal on linking protection during both anal and vaginal sex.

Methods: 150 (50 male sex-workers and 100 female sex-workers) were followed for 2 months in 2011. Major questions were in these categories: I. Have you ever practiced anal sex?  II. Is pleasure why you enjoy it? III. Why prefer anal sex? IV. If you practiced why did you abandon anal sex? V. If you practiced and dropped it, would you do it again? VI Do you regularly practice anal sex?  VII. Do you use any form of protection during anal sex? VIII. Would you use protection for both vaginal and anal sex? IX. What kind of lubrication commonly used? X. Ever heard of lubricants?

Results:  Ninety three (93) (53 females: 40 male) were affirmative on category (i) and (ii). Sixteen (16) were affirmative on category (iii) and did it for pay. Three (3) were affirmative on category (iv) and abandoned it because of pain.  Six (6) (4 females: 2 males) were affirmative on (v) but will not repeat.  Twenty two (22) (14 f: 8 m) don’t practice. Thirteen (13) (10 f: 3 m) respondents used condoms. Twenty seven (27) female sex workers insisted they only use protection when it’s vaginal sex but not anal sex. 13 male sex-workers insisted on condom use at all encounters. 68 (33 females: 35 males) used petroleum jelly, avocado creams and cooking oil in answer to (ix). 98 (ninety-eight) had heard of lubricants.

Conclusion: Exposure risks in sex-work are driven mostly by lack of awareness, skills and commodities. Un-protected anal sex is a practice common among sex-work settings due to pleasure and the money it brings. Use of a protection substance will help reduce HIV exposure.


[1]. The Chief Executive Officer Of MARPS IN UGANDA, IRMA-Uganda and runs the MSM-Clinic/Resource Center dedicated to improving awareness on prevention practices and commodities against STIs/HIV for men/women.
[2]. The founder and Head of Joint Adherent Brothers and Sisters against AIDS (JABASA).


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