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HPV Vaccination

Dr Dave Hawkes Sunday 22 December 2013 7:30am 366 64 (1 Just a few weeks ago,   Katie Couric   – one of America’s most popular journalists and   talk show hosts   – caused controversy when she presented a segment on her show where the effectiveness of the   HPV vaccine   was debated. In her own words, Couric said: “We’re hoping to tell both sides so parents can make informed   decision .”  Here at Mamamia, we’ve always maintained a strong position that no – the effectiveness of any   vaccine   should not be debated. Because when it comes to vaccination, there is   no other side. Just science. And that’ s   why we asked Dr Dave Hawkes to put together a   cheat sheet   for us on   the HPV vaccine . So should we be worried about HPV vaccination? Vaccination has always been a hot button topic, but since its introduction in 2007   human papillomavirus   (HPV) vaccine has attracted more than its   fair share   of controversy. The most recent examples of this are the epis

Is enough being done to remove unfair obstacles to transsexual people playing football?

Is enough being done to remove unfair obstacles to transsexual people playing football? Progress on their participation is being made – but not quickly enough. BY   JULIET JACQUES   PUBLISHED 13 DECEMBER 2013 11:37     Aeris Houlihan speaking about her dispute with her local football team on YouTube. This week, two stories have broken about transsexual people and sports. The first was the   Daily Mail’s report   on transsexual woman Aeris Houlihan not being allowed to play for her local women’s football team despite her GP’s letter stating that her oestrogen levels are within the typical female range after eight months of hormone replacement therapy, and being backed by her club. The second is that the   Sports Council Equality Group’s guidance for partner agencies on Transsexual People and Sports , has been published, challenging the consensus that surgical status should determine the gender under which transsexual people are allowed to compete. Be

Top ten stupid questions people ask lesbians!

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