Dear Mr. President Biden, A Letter From Africa

America is a dream.
America is an aspiration.

Mr. President, please consider increasing on the cap of asylum seekers coming to America.

Please allow refugees to be welcome in the US through the refugee admissions program.

It will be an opportunity to save many of us (some of us are gay).

We seek to contribute to a wider dignified humanity. We believe America is that example we can tell ourselves in those quiet reflective moments. We know a refugee flees from one place to another in the hope of preserving life. But that is the beginning. An empowered refugee contributes to a local host community too.

Refugees come in many types. Some are parents, victims of war, gay, children, elderly and victims of persecution. We have impeccable reasons for fleeing.

When the US increases on its cap many refugees will be resettled. The record low caps by the US in the past few years alone has shown the need for US in the affairs of resettlement.

Some of us have waited in a first country of call for 5-10 years. Most were processed to come to the US. We are still hopeful. Please allow us to come over to that side.

We are writing from Africa and we are hopeful.

Humbly and Respectfully,

Refugees Awaiting Resettlement


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