MARPS In UGANDA: COVID-19 Response Plan April 2020-July 2020

1. Generate and raise awareness on hand -washing, social distancing and staying-at-home as part of COVID-19 Prevention

2. Use the days to share about an aspect of prevention such as:

a. Thematic Monday: Occupying oneself at home while self-isolating; games, house chores, reading, writing, studying online

b. Thematic Tuesday: Chatting up friends, checking on them and promoting companionship using WhatsApp or video conferencing

c. Thematic Wednesday: Talk, write or research about COVID-19 news and share on Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or word of mouth among close friends

d. Thematic Thursday: Care for the sick, Addressing Gender-Based Violence, Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girl Child, Women health Integrating COVID-19 Response

e. Thematic Friday: Youth-Friendly Services Integrating COVID-19 Response

f. Thematic Saturday: TB, HIV, Malaria, Men's Health and healthy living Integrating COVID-19 Response

g. Thematic Sunday: Weekly Review of all Pro-active and reactive Activities Promoting COVID-19 Prevention

Share widely on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Groups, Instagram


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