Compassionate, Passionate and Real: Here Lies Phil Manz!

Dear Phil Manzi,
I hope you are able to read this letter.
I never got to meet you physically,
But we met via the virtual world.
I want to celebrate the following:
“Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who Love you no matter what. But don’t forget👆 They’ve gotta be this hot🔥😂
Your strength in times of sickness:
“Every time I think of the past 6mths (Mar-Aug 2019), PS. most trying 6mths of my entire life, I can't stop to thank the Lord for showing how great he is. 2019 put myself and everybody around me to test. Waking up to fight every day. Only this battle, was for my life. But guess what's good? GOD!!!! God is good! His loving is unshakeable, his mercy is reliable. I want to speak to you that is reading this, we aren't alone. God is with us and miracles are his way of showing his presence. So don't stop praying, don't stop believing. Your miracle is around the corner. You've only got to reach for it.”
Your passion for children:
“I am super excited to have voiced this documentary of the incredible work that God is using us to do for the people out there. I am thankful for the family that God has blessed me with as a team. To more amazing things to come🍾 Oh I can't stop listening to myself😂😂
“At Milele Foundation, we embrace a mission to endorse the human rights of every child and young person in Uganda, and to create programming which can help change their lives. But more importantly, we want to change the culture of our communities. We want to inspire other Ugandans to volunteer their time and to be philanthropic. We hope that the children and young people we support will grow up to give back in their communities the way c give to them. This is the ultimate change we can create! Milele Foundation Uganda: A Lifeline to HOPE!”
The friendship some of whom say:
“You have gone too soon my love. I never expected this to happen my 💓 but life has been cut short.  I pray that the Almighty Grant you peace and forgive anything that might have not worked for you here and I know that you are safe  in God's hands.”
“I was so deeply saddened to hear of your passing. You were a wonderful man. Your family has my deepest sympathy.” May your rest in Paradise.”
Your belief in God:
This is the fountain of all life and continued living called eternity!

Rest in peace!


  1. Fly high dear Phil...may your soul rest in peace dearie....the heavens are indeed rejoicing
    Twas too soon

  2. God saw that the cure was not to be and He called you to himself.May he judge with mercy and may you live to see his glory


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