So Sad The Hate Continues; A Grieving Witness Remarks About Brutal Beatings of LGBTIQQ in Kakuma Camp

Michael Schwarzkopf exclaimed, “so sad as the hate continues!” This was when he laid eyes on pictures of three LGBTIQQ Refugees in Kakuma Camp Another called Mechanic exclaimed “saddening.”

Indeed the situation in Kakuma is saddening to say the least. We continue to call upon the UNHCR to provide protection to LGBTIQQ Refugees please. For those with time please follow for developments at Kakuma Camp: 

When they get well, they will be returned to the camp: the same premises that meted hostilities and viciousness against the three. We are trying to campaign for a language that enshrines mutual respect and the practice of de-escalation. We are all angry and bitter with UNHCR, but we are also strategic.

We want a UNHCR that cares and we can contribute to peaceful co-existence. We ask the development partners to engage the security team so that they are able to embrace dignified treatment and unconditional positive regard |(UPR) for all they guard. We are committed to avoiding vitriolic aspersions.

May the sick get well soon!

All pictures courtesy of: Refugee Flag Kenya and Trevor Kimberly


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