Little Did Paul Know, Someone Was Waiting To Cut Him Up!

Paul is exuberant and a heart-warming companionable person.

On 13th November 2019, Paul was going on about his happy life. Enjoying the evening as it cooled off taking with it the lip-splitting heat. He looked here and there, everywhere it was clean. They had just finished sweeping their yards and were waiting for dusk to get  into the darker night.

Perhaps, to watch the star-lit sky holding sway over Kakuma Refugee Camp. Or to just go play catch up with all those wonderful friends of his. The friends with whom they share this home. It is their home and they contribute to the joy of what a home is supposed to represent.

This home is where the leaders are not judgmental and all who take habitation here are treated fairly, respectfully, equally and unconditionally. But, little did Paul know, a person was waiting to cut him up. At this home, they have come to love and enjoy.

Perhaps, Paul was going to pick up that newspaper they read in rounds until it goes dog-eared. Or Paul was going to pick up that mat he had dried in the scorching sun to fumigate and de-lice it. Or any of the activities he is entitled to execute as any human being is rightfully allowed.

As he was going on about his way, out of no where........slash....slash!

Someone had cut at his jugular and it was only by the Grace of God that Paul is alive.

Paul is now hospitalized and we ask whoever can to please reach out to the UNHCR to say thank you for having this hospital.

However, news coming to us is that the UNHCR funded Hospital only provided pain killers. So, his colleagues were forced to collect money among themselves and took him to a private clinic.

"Well, where he went (UNHCR funded hospital), he was only administered Paracetamol. We had to take him to another rural clinic and it is where he gotten treatment from," said a colleague to Paul.

But, it is not an isolated case. Let us not make LGBTIQQ attacks the 'commons' of the camp. The UNHCR, should be supported in all the good work they are doing. But, we ask the UNHCR to be diligent in restoring the dignity of LGBTIQQ Persons in the camps.

Paul recuperating at Kakuma Camp Clinic

Paul receiving care at the camp

We pray for Paul to get well soon.


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