Q And A Forum: Ten Reasons Why Disclosing Your HIV Status Before Sexual Intercourse Is Respectful

Humans want to be loved! Human need to be loved! One way to feel wanted and loved is by winning and keeping friendships. The other way is to do everything and not be rejected. In other words humans work for rewards, recognition and confidence. Humans work against rejection, dejection and isolation.

It is against this background that we bring you ten reasons why consenting partners should disclose their HIV or any other communicable diseases such as TB, Hepatitis, Syphilis or Gonorrhea to a partner.

1. It shows that you both mutually respect each others' right to quality of life influencing information

2. It creates opportunities to talk about how you both can support each other not to transmit in case one or both of you have positive diagnosis

3. It is an opportunity to plan how far you want to take your relationship

4. It provides opportunity to talk about sex, illnesses, growth and development as humans

5. It builds mutual confidence for partners to confront their fears

6. It puts disease practices back in the hands of the individuals

7. It improves opens ways in which partners can be open about other sensitive issues

8. It makes it easier to commit to taking medication for those with positive diagnoses

9. It adds to the circle of  those who can play reminder-roles when time for taking pills comes. It is an Adherence Support System for those who are taking medicines

10. Sharing is caring. Disclosing is defending others from infections

We hope you enjoy these two 2 minute-videos we borrowed from "Designated Survivor"


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