Q And A Forum: 10 Reasons Why You Should Test For HIV

We have fielded over 1,450 queries on why persons should test for HIV. 
The question was asked by some who were not sexually active, those who were and others who were celibate after voluntary abstinence. 

We have ten points on opting to test:

1. One gets to access counselling and guidance on health seeking practices before taking the test.
2. This increases opportunities for care by a qualified and trained health care provider.
3. A negative test provides opportunities for self examination into sexual activity decisions.
4. A positive diagnosis provides opportunities for taking up ARV therapy.
5. A positive diagnosis provides care against opportunistic infections.
6.  It provides opportunities for one to plan to engage in and commit to regular self care practices.
7. It is a link to other referral services such as housing, nutrition and livelihood support.
8. It links one to life planning and quality life affirming activities such as joining viable post-test support clubs.
9. It raises one consciousness toward improved quality of life and prevention critical mass.
10. It improves on one's understanding/participation in the HIV Prevention Culture.


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