Q And A Forum: Super Brain Revitalizers

Harvard experts find that any form of activity done regularly can help revitalize the brain. But, the activities that use the limb, eye coordination are so good, appropriate and accessible by all. Whether you are in Africa, Asia, Canada, USA, Latin America and Europe your local games are brain revitalizers.

Some examples: Board games, rope games, long distance walks, cycling, biking, driving, going for excursions, writing essays, tidying your room.....

The brain has an in-built agility and it nurtures your personal interactions that keep your mind engaged. 

The brain is wonderfully self starting, self driving, self directing and self guiding….up to a point. 

In other words, even if our brain is safely hidden away under the skull and it may have all those qualities, that is not enough for it to be healthy.  

There are things the brain cannot do: self feeding and self rejuvenate are some of such important activities. The brain is what enables humans to move steps from self awareness to self mastery. This movement, among so many things, would not be possible if there was no cognitive utility and fitness say Harvard experts. The brain does activities and delivers results instantaneously. According to Harvard experts, “cognitive fitness goes far beyond just memory. It embraces thinking, learning, recognition, and sound decision-making. Cognitive fitness is the bedrock of a rewarding and self-sufficient life.”

So, you need to make your brain work fully for you by giving it the best kick-start ups, as it were. You can avoid “threats to your brain’s wellness, build a “cognitive reserve” to address your brain’s changes. There are ways to shape and secure lasting and fulfilling cognitive vitality. When you do what is suggested regularly, you can attain enduring brain health. The tips will help you maintain a responsive memory, sustain your learning abilities, and remain confident that your mental skills will continue to serve you well.

  1. Sleep well, regularly and make sure you do not go to bed with say, the phone (excuse me)!
  2. Exercise regularly because this is the best way to maximizing exercise’s cognitive benefits.
  3. Manage your stress by having the in/out gates process gates open and closed at the right time
  4. Learn how to process your thoughts to conclusion and support yourself to go through candid self evaluation. 
  5. Seek health care services
  6. Eat a lot of plant based foods.

African board or surface games are brain revitalizers. Source: Google


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