Kampala Uganda: Story of Feminism, Dignitism and LGBTIQQ Social Ideologies; Spectrum Uganda's Human Rights Campaign

Dignity's Dignitism
Stand up and say no to sexual assault, stand up and say not to any form of abuse anywhere, stand up and say no to unwelcome touches...Does that sound familiar?

This is the right time for the LGBTIQQ movement to push for an "-ism" which addresses the root of all abuses. Dignity of persons! The LGBTIQQ movement on the African continent should be pushing for an "-ism" in which dignity for persons is promoted.

This is "dignitism!" whose goal on the African continent should be to entrench structures that promote dignity of persons (I mean all persons whether straight or otherwise). LGBTIQQ in Africa should talk of dignitism (from dignity) and use Western world models as lessons to learn from but not transplant from say, Sweden or Norway and implement in Africa without gauging what works and sustenance issues! 

Copying The Feminism Playbook

An enduring fibre of say, women marches, women movements  or women causes is the continued call to arms to entrench the value of womanhood that patriarchy pulverizes at all opportunities. We are talking of women rights here. Women talk of feminism as a wholesome womanhood health. We are all children of women. Therefore to them, full health means theirs and that of their children. This means entire communities, societies and nations. A social equality where there is no need to show strength in order for one to be masculine or feminine for that matter. In the case of families this meant that both spouses share roles equally. In other words both are providers and producers. Feminists can help the LGBTIQQ community to learn from the their playbooks. 

Case Study: Spectrum Uganda uses social media to highlight a woman assault case in Uganda

Assaulting women has been a given and those who do so have been known to get away with it. The assault can be in form of beatings, denial of custody of children, denial of visitation rights to mothers following separation, physical beatings, courts adjudicating in favour of men when in fact women are the aggrieved and so many other cases. In Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), the City Hall has law enforcement officers who do a good job but some of them are not. Spectrum Uganda has shared a video through the Vice Executive's facebook account (Spectrum Uganda joins campaign to restore dignity of womanhood) as a campaign to restore dignity of women as well as cause an awareness of abuse. It is hoped that many will come up to fight the impunity of abusing women by some of the abusive officers. It is also hoped that KCCA devices a means of restraining the use of physical assault but rather use courts to make cases. Taking matters in one's hands is arbitrary, summarily kangaroo courtish and in this day and age is uncalled for!  In showing this video it makes it clear that the LGBTIQQ is joining women movements  or women causes in the continued call to arms to entrench the value of womanhood that patriarchy pulverizes at all opportunities. Let us talk women rights here!

All pictures courtesy of Spectrum Uganda


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