Kampala Uganda: Homogenizing Homosexuals is abusive: Tips For Good Leadership; muses by a Kampala based columnist

What bothers me is the tendency for many well meaning LGBTIQQ organizations to talk big but do small.

There is a tendency of some claiming to be representatives of entire LGBTIQQs. Entire? Yes!

Then there are those who purport to take care of say, Lesbians but when the lesbians also demand for full womanhood self care kits then problems arise. Phones go off air or the lesbians demanding services to cater for their full womanhood are shut down. Come on, a lesbian is a woman first and foremost. Their womanhood has to be catered to. It is important that leaders do understand that they represent people and not just words i.e. "lesbians!"

Speaking of which some people may be same-sex/gender loving but they do not identify as LGB! Yes! What counselling needs does your organization have for them? Please avoid the blanket statements that "our organization represents the entire LGBTIQQ!" 

Having said that, break down your reports by numbers of LGBTIQQ you actually target and meet! Difficult? No, actually it is easy. Saying, "we distributed 10,000 pieces of brochures, 3,000 fliers and provided 1,000 plates of food," is misleading and actually a deficient narrative. Show some degree of programme level language such as " we targeted 1,000 beneficiaries and were able to provide one on one counselling to 520..........." Try to show you actually provide services as opposed to appearing to perform services.

Anyway, enough of me.



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