David Kato; Rest In Peace

Kato you are a twin,
somewhere you are now living a fuller life,
you always saw all of us as friends, colleagues and co-advocates,
I personally learnt a lot from you,
I remember you asking the deeper right questions,
you wanted to know what exactly,
the LGBTIQQ needed to do to fight HIV,
you were the first person who supported me in many ways,
I recall the time we mobilized LGBTIQQ for HIV-testing,
a phenomenal unheard of incidence,
we did it,
I remember the time we organized hotel-based advocacy,
you were the orator and managed to debunk many myths,
you left us too soon,
we still have the anti-Homosexual sentiment,
we have to organize and reorganize,
say a prayer for our effort.

David Kato: Courtesy of Henrietta Moore


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