2018: Making It Possible For Key Populations To Participate in Ending HIV

At Most At Risk Population’s Society in Uganda (MARPS In Uganda), we have dedicated time, effort and resources to deal with issues that are overlooked as we fulfilled our mission of ART adherence among People living with HIV, LGBTIQQ and Sex-workers (Key Populations). The following are important:

  1. Food, especially in form of a balanced nutrition is important and has come up regularly as an issue faced by many beneficiaries
  2. Housing, came up in many instances as a way to stabilize one’s location, safety, security, sense of belonging and worth.
  3. Transportation to clinics where and when beneficiaries have to attend follow-up management, HIV testing or assessment for regimen changes.
  4. Allocating the right resources to go to core HIV-related services.
  5. Provide holistic and mental health services targeting Key Populations.
  6. Provide leadership opportunities for Key Populations to own skills in preventing and participating in activities ending HIV.
  7. Be part of the campaign to end allocating funds to activities that divert funds away from or have no direct linkage to prevention and ending of HIV.
  8. Promote information, data and knowledge development by Key Populations.
  9. Promote accountability best practices for all concerned with prevention and ending HIV.
  10. Develop and maintain networks with the goal of empowering beneficiaries functionally (literacy, physically and numerically), socially, economically and politically.

We are now ready to use this year as an opportunity to engage widely and universally.


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