Knowledge is power and knowledge production is a good skill to have; empowering LGBTIQQ in Uganda

Creating Knowledge at Most At Risk Populations’ Society in Uganda ( MARPS in Uganda) to influence HIV Prevention

MARPs in Uganda a local NGO, embarked on synthesizing reports from all its activities and uses standard knowledge development methods. Under the program “structural barriers to ART adherence in the Global South,” one of the themes is knowledge generation. A template was developed on which sources to use were listed including peer reviewed databases and other materials (primary and secondary data). Literature review was done through Political and Social research databases, Google, Internet search to retrieve and download published materials, Pub-Med, Medline, CANCERLIT, and HealthSTAR for articles published between 2000 and 2016 that involved disparities in health outcomes. The following keywords were used: HIV, HIV Prevention, Marxian political-social structures, structuralism, Keynesian, Import Substitution Industrialization, Generic Drugs manufacture, Global South, Africa, West, Development, self-care, heterogeneity, differential prevention, active participation, barriers, breast cancer, racial disparities, Black-White, HIV burden, Global Fund, WHO, UNAIDS,  HIV+ve diagnosis, HIV-ve diagnosis, political social actors in HIV prevention, mammography, HIV screening, breast cancer screening, stage at diagnosis, HIV treatment, breast cancer treatment, poverty, knowledge formation, meaning-making, socioeconomic status, culture, cultural barriers, religiosity, spirituality, social injustice, prejudice, racism, racial discrimination, racial profiling, underserved, underprivileged, survival, and mortality. Thirdly, we scanned the bibliographies of articles obtained from our initial search. Fourthly, we carried out a focused search of (a) peer reviewed articles published in journals with an emphasis on social-structural factors and health (e.g., American Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Public Health, AIDS Journal, EA journal of health and Ethnicity and Disease) and (b) authors who had published articles on disparities.


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