Using HIV/AIDS In A Scare-monger Internet message Sends Wrong Signals

The use of HIV/AIDS in statements geared at inciting animosity in the public should be condemned. 

There is a recent internet message doing the rounds and in it an employee of a brand soft drink maker is depicted as someone who deliberately contaminated the drink with blood.

The said blood contained the HIV virus.

The author of the message is asking readers " for the next few weeks do not drink any products from Pepsi.."

The message is attached and we hope it is legible.

Most At Risk Populations' Society condemns in the strongest terms this kind of depiction of HIV/AIDS. As a leading Anti-HIV Organization, we find the use of HIV/AIDS to incite the public, fuels stigma and discrimination. 

We call upon the company highlighted in the message to come up with a statement. We hope Facebook will also, as much as possible, ask the author to take down that discriminatory message.


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