The woman MP, Kabarole (Uganda) -Margaret Muhanga on Homosexuality

Africa will stay an enslaved continent as long as the Western world
provide dime to the poor and hungry and propagates all their wishes.

Our beloved continent is embroiled in persistent poverty that is not
about to end.

The dependency syndrome has increased to the extent that the elite who
should direct the affairs of the country have betrayed the cause of
our fore fathers and become spokespersons of Western ways.

October 23 (2009) was one of the worst days of my life when I woke up to
read, with disbelief a one-and-a-half page press release in The New
Vision titled; “Anti-homosexuality or anti-human rights Bill” by a
coalition of civil society organisations on human rights and
constitutional law.

What a tragedy for Africans who depend on others for a livelihood. The
elite, including the women organisations, that sent this press release
and paid handsomely for its publication, are slaves living under
neo-colonialism. This is not their opinion or belief, it is their
‘sponsors’ who direct them what to do or say. What a disappointment we
are to our society.

There is a quotation I came across that says “God made Adam and Eve
and not Adam and Steven… ” This means, therefore, that any act that is
done between people of the same sex is un-Godly. Let us not challenge
God’s ways. If all of us were to become gay, where would the next
generation come from? If spouses of these civil society activists
turned gay, would they shout themselves hoarse in praise of their
beloved ones’ sexual orientation? What if it were their children
involved in this act, would you support and encourage them?

Beware of your actions today. Remember these homosexuals cannot
reproduce. They must recruit, and they want our children. That is why
they are getting public people like you civil society to present
homosexuality as “normal” and acceptable.

They know that the next generation will one day be voters, and they
will change the laws so that homosexuals can prey on children and not
worry about breaking the law. Beware that it will be your daughter to
show up with a female fiancé. It is not only from the religious point
of view that Ugandans like David Bahat, MP Ndorwa West, has come up
with a law against same sex union. A research I recently came across
shows that the consequences of homosexual activity have significantly
altered the delivery of medical care to the population in North
America where homosexuality is widely practised.

With the increased incidence of sexually transmitted diseases,
organisms in unexpected places, simple sore throat is no longer so

Doctors must start asking their patients probing questions or they
risk making a misdiagnosis. The evaluation of a sore throat must now
include questions about oral and anal sex.

Doctors should also start asking about their patient’s sexual
practices and consider how to treat anal cancer, rectal gonorrhea and
other diseases.

In America, Human Herpes Virus 8 (called Herpes Type 8 or HHV-8) is a
disease found exclusively among male homosexuals.

Researchers have long noted that men who contracted HIV through
homosexual behaviour frequently developed a previously rare form of
cancer called Kaposi’s sarcoma. Worse still after sometime, men who
practise homosexuality get a leaking anus. This means, therefore, that
they will be required to use nappies like babies to avoid soiling
their clothes.

Are we ready as a country to risk these infections given our poor
health services and lack of specialised treatment and human resource?

Ugandans must rise up and fight all sources of evil no matter how much
money the West sends. Human dignity must be protected.


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