Securing possibilities, sharing successes, learning to contribute to what works: Reflections of a delegate at the AIDS 2012, Washington DC.

Imagine, it is the second day of full sessions and topic is HIV Cure Science but, one has to attend another full day of the double epidemics: HIV and Drug-use, as well as seeing Washington despite the fact that this person arrived in a different plane from the one carrying all requisite belongings/luggage! It requires smooth skills to remain clean and much discipline to avoid being self conscious of a long-worn shirt, socks and.....
There is need to have a form of capacity in delivering HIV-related services. The skills may range from basic conversation, accessorising appropriate technologies to advanced scientific treatment. In all cases all service is mutually impacting.
One may be a public health expert, a leading activist, an advocate, a leading scientist, a policy-maker and part of the HIV-affected community. There is need to translate what skills one acquires into meaningful actions to eradicate HIV:
All are called to come together to advance each other in skills and abilities to end HIV.
All are called upon to explore means to establish lasting networks, synergies, partnerships and collaborations to effectively address the multi-faceted patch-work that is HIV.
All are called upon to break barriers, to improve on access to prevention, care and services.
All are called upon to represent the uniqueness and at the same time common issues around HIV.
All are called upon to engage, re-engage, be accountable, cause change and create environments in which all are stakeholders.
All are called upon to demonstrate effects of non-action, omission, discrimination and stigma in their entirety.
As all attend at Kolkata and Washington, hear about experiences, rub shoulders with renowned persons, there is need not to forget who we all are accountable to and that our actions should be to advance knowledge, possibilities, scale-up of evidence-compliant strategies, programmes and activities. AIDS MUST NOT WIN.
Thomas Muyunga
Kerby, 214
Trinity Washington University,
125 Michigan Avenue NE, Washington DC.


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